The first dedicated cybersecurity incubator in the CEE region


OXO Cybersecurity Lab runs its startup incubation program both in the area of facilitating and mentoring early stage cybersecurity projects in line with lean strategy principles and also by supporting and funding such projects to boost growth and market entrance. We select 3 to 5 projects and teams each calendar year.



3-5 teams

Team & Mentors


Our offer is the high standard knowledge on the various domains and probably what is more important, our own professional network to enable the teams’ success. By adding the business and financial knowledge and support of OXO group and it’s current mentor network, we provide outstanding service and opportunity for the world-changing ideas.
Our services focus on the areas of:
providing a series of sector specific trainings and regular mentoring
supporting product development, validation, business strategies, team building
enhancing market entrance and expansion, growth hacking
evolving strategic and business planning, financial modelling
launching local and international fundraising, project funding

Target Domains

As cybersecurity is getting one of the most important issues in both from the nations’ and the enterprises’ perspective, the need for new, innovative solutions for the emerging threats opens a great opportunity for innovators. Moreover, some unexplored customer groups, like consumers, SMEs or critical infrastructure operators with special legacy systems and in general, the users of any kind of IoT devices are starving for solutions for their yet unknown security problems that is the basis for research and development.
Cybersecurity is a broad area that gives space for many ideas. However our focus is narrowed for some specific, niche area. We are primarily seeking ideas on the security problems of special or industrial systems, IoT, SMEs, end users and national security. We are expecting early stage ideas and teams to apply, but it doesn’t mean that they are exclusively our targets. We are open to evaluate later stage startups whether they are in development or prototyping phase or have already launched product. With the help of our experts and mentors we are confident that any ideas in any maturity level can be evolved to a successful startup.
Our specific target domains are:
  • Industrial systems, I-IoT, OT, SCADA, E-Health
  • Consumer and enterprise, such as IoT, Smart Home, Smart city
  • SME and citizen focused cybersecurity
  • National cybersecurity
  • Fintech, medtech, edutech cybersecurity
*please note that we are ready to accept ideas beyond the listed domains if the team and the idea meets our evaluation criteria and we see the potential to grow in the project.


OXO Cybersecurity Lab

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